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Still an Effective Promotional Marketing Product

young students studying together in a classroomEverywhere we go, we see pens with a logo on it, and even I have been guilty of thinking, oh, just another pen, why don’t they get something more exciting? The truth is that pens are still an extremely effective marketing product. People take pens keep it in their purse, car, or it ends up in their office or home where a family member or co-worker ends up walking off with it, they use it a while and it goes on to the next person. For some reason people don’t respect pens as “someone’s property” so they don’t think twice about walking off with a pen, in fact, most don’t even realize they are doing it. As silly as this is, it makes for great marketing, because people are distributing your logo all over the place, you couldn’t get that much exposure yourself with any other product if you tried!

At our company each sales person has their favorite items to show clients, one refuses to show pens because she believes they are boring and we have so many more cool products to present. Another we call the pen queen because she sells thousands upon thousands of pens every year. Knowing some of the statistics about how people use pens may change your mind about presenting pens to your clients. After all, just about everyone uses pens every day and most clients can fit some pen into their budget somewhere, even if they have to use an office supply budget.

PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) did a survey on the use of pens and found that 73% of people always carry a writing instrument with them. 83% use ballpoint pens on a daily basis and will keep and use it if given to them as a complimentary gift. What more can you ask for from a promotional product? If you can get 83% retention of your item, you know that most people aren’t just going to stash your item or give it away. Pens are both a functional product that everyone uses as well as an effective promotional product, so making sure to present some pens to every client is essential!

Some interesting facts to think about when presenting pens or other writing instruments: Of the people surveyed about the types of writing instruments they use on a daily basis 83% use ballpoint pens as mentioned above, but 36% also use pencils, 31% use highlighters, 30% use gel pens and 25% use markers with 20% using mechanical pencils and 20% using roller balls. So, if someone does want something a little different, there are other options in the writing instrument category. Of course as everyone in the industry knows, there are probably millions of options that we can present to our clients.

A Quick Rundown of Repairs

Tips About Auto Repair

It’s a fact that knowing more about auto repair is something that’s necessary when it comes to having your own vehicle. You can always use the online network when it comes to getting the right information that you need to know about auto repair. Also, you should know that there are service centers when it comes to auto repair. Being in touch with certain auto repair shops would also allow you to learn much about the things that you need to repair your own vehicle from time to time.

Keep in mind that you will need to learn your auto repair step by step which includes knowing the role of the auto parts in your vehicle. Asking auto repair experts is also something that’s necessary if you want to be able to learn more about repairing your own vehicle. There are also online pages out there where you can post your own questions about auto repair. It’s also a fact that you can find many websites out there when it comes to having the right advice from experts and car owners alike. The registration process of the website is also something that’s free so you won’t have to worry about paying for the information that you need about auto repair.

If you want to learn auto repair procedures immediately, then reading the manual of the vehicle you bought would be something to start with. Depending on the vehicle that you have, the procedures for auto repair can vary. The vehicle structures vary which is why the procedures are also specified to those structures. Still, you should keep in mind that there are times that the damage on your vehicle would be beyond your auto repair skills. In this kind of situation, it would be recommended that you find a reliable auto repair service to do this task for you. Still, you have to verify things first before you decide to hire them. In any case, it would be advisable to hire an auto repair service that’s got the right kind of insurance policy that you can rely on. If it’s not too much for you, it’s recommended that you have a list of the possible auto repair services that you can hire.
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If you’re going to do the auto repair yourself, you would want to make sure that you know the status of its current warranty period. If the car that you have is still under the warranty, then you don’t have to do the hard work yourself since the warranty contract will take care of the repairs. In cases like this, the car dealer will be the one to provide the auto repair service that you need for your vehicle. In any event, you will need to find a dependable auto repair service if your vehicle’s warranty is already expired.What Almost No One Knows About Repairs

The Art of Mastering Communities

How to Choose Senior Living that’s Perfect for You

As you decide to live in a community rather than age at home, your next step is to choose the right place.Fortunately, you have many choices, but you need to understand every one of them before you can make a good decision.

Asking Smart Questions

How you answer certain questions will be a good indication of the kind of senior living community that will suit you best.
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Independent Living
A Simple Plan: Homes

When older adults select an independent living community, it is often for socialization and convenience.Are you active and independent?Are you able to manage your personal care needs – for example, medications – safely and effectively?If you want to skip thinking about household maintenance and repairs so you can enjoy time with family, traveling or engaging in enrichment activities, an independent living community may be your best bet.

Assisted Living

In an assisted living facility, your privacy and independence will be maintained as you live in a private apartment or suite.

> Do you need assistance eating, getting dressed or performing other activities of daily living?

> Is personal care and safety a problem for you?

> Are you having a hard time preparing your meals?

> Is your family caregiver becoming worn-out?

> Do home care costs exceed the expenses of living in an assisted community?

> Are you having concerns about feeling isolated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have to start learning about the assisted living communities in your area.

Memory Care

Memory care is providing a special type of care to adults with Alzheimer’s disease or any other type of dementia that has something to do with age.If you are looking for a senior home for a loved one or a friend, ask the following questions to determine if he or she might need memory care:

> Is there a need for 24/7 supervision required?

> Is the individual displaying hard-to-manage behaviors, such as aggression, wandering or Sundowner’s Syndrome?

> Is engaging in meaningful activities such a struggle?

> Is the senior’s care requirements taking a toll on your or the caregiver’s family or career?

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

In most cases, CCRCs, which are also called life plan communities, are the prime choice of seniors who want to stay physically active and independent while preparing for their future at the same time.

> Would you rather not ask your adult children to care for you when you are no longer capable of caring for yourself or your other half?

> Do you have different senior living needs from your spouse’s?

A CCRC or life plan community can be the best choice for seniors who want an extensive senior care community that offers a number of options for their current and future needs.

Lessons Learned About Encoders

Industrial Encoders and Their Purpose The precision of industrial equipment are ensured with the use of digital encoders which are industrial and mechanical in nature converting angular cycles of these equipments thereby avoiding disturbance of the performance of the machine. In the past, these encoders were rotary binary encoders wherein angular and rotational information are converted into binary code, but now they come in absolute and incremental forms. The most common kinds of digital encoders come in three types, and these are the optical encoders, the magnetic shaft or rotary encoders, and the metric incremental encoder. If you want an encoder to be able to report the absolute position of the shaft instead of the incremental position of the industrial machine, you are now looking at absolute encoders. With the encoder following a 32-bit counter, a microcontroller then converts the position of the images that are transferred to a device that receives the image. A PC interface is not necessary with the use of optical rotational encoders that assure of smooth running of applications.
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With incremental encoders used in mechanical or optical systems, there are two outputs that will be produced called the mechanical and optical outputs, instead of the one produced in the absolute encoders. Examples of incremental encoders are car stereos that normally use this system in order to operate the volume of the car speakers. This type of encoders use two sensors to achieve precision and it comes available with up to 10,000 counts per turn.
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Generally, all encoders are usable in robotics, photographic lenses, valves, gates and other industrial equipment. Encoders will ensure that an equipment will work smoothly, and make the rotation of the equipment with the accuracy and precision for an outstanding performance of the equipment. A rotary encoder or shaft encoder is responsible for converting the angle of the position of the shaft into a digital code understandable by the computer, and thus this encoder is used in industrial controls, robotics, and electro-mechanical devices. Examples of industrial devices that need to have a very precise performance are flood gates and telescopes and this system makes it happens. There are two kinds of shaft encoders in the field of industrial engineering adn these are the absolute and incremental. The difference between the two kinds lie in the fact that the absolute encoders can create a distinct digital code for one axle, while the incremental rotary code has both a mechanical or optical outputs. There are some examples of mechanical or optical encoders, such as wireless industrial encoders which use real time wireless interface, the express encoders which have six various styles, there is the omni encoders with a resolution from 1 to 1,000 counts per turn, a linear transducers, a heavy duty encoders and linear quadrature encoders. Industries today consider the use of digital rotary encoders because not only they ensure the precise operation of an equipment, but also they provide security in the running of operations in industries.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Businesses

What Can You Benefit When You Take a Construction Safety Course Online? The field of construction is certainly very lucrative, especially in the world of today, which has seen a lot of buildings, high rises, and homes being constructed per year. One might also know, however, that aside from being a very lucrative and promising job, it is also one that has a lot of hazards to safety. You will be happy to know, then, that there is a way to educate yourself when it comes to safety in construction, and this is through taking a course online which deals with safety in construction, a course which will offer you with certification when it is completed. When people take a course like this, then, they will definitely be able, in the long run, to enjoy a lot of wonderful advantages. When one starts taking a safety course online, he or she will be able to benefit, first of all, because in the end, one will have a thorough and very helpful knowledge of everything that is required when it comes to safety. One who knows about construction sites might understand that they are potentially dangerous, with all the machines, electricity, and other hazards to safety. The good news is that through an online construction safety course, people can learn how to avoid common hazards and take care of themselves and of others on the site. When one undergoes a training course which teaches him or her construction safety, he or she will also be able benefit because through this course, more opportunities will be available. If you are looking for a good job with an employer who has a big project, you might be required to show some certification to prove that you indeed know the procedures which will help you avoid risks and hazards to safety. When people obtain certification through an online course, then, they will be able to select from between the many construction jobs available, choosing the one that suits them perfectly.
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When one undergoes a construction safety course online, he or she will also be able to benefit because through a course like this, a lot of convenience can certainly be enjoyed. Studying online is definitely very convenient and very flexible, which gives one the opportunity to focus and to complete the course in a very short period of time.
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When all has been said, then, people can certainly enjoy so many wonderful benefits when they find a good construction safety course online.