Building Web Traffic For Internet Marketing

40Developing a marketing strategy for a product is a very important process. A strategic plan has to be formed, which includes a short-term and a long-term plan for the strategy to be successful. Short-term plans are strategies that bring a temporal boost in traffic to the site.

Although this technique could be considered important, they are only used temporarily and should not be relied for the long run. In contrary, long-term marketing plans are strategies that bring steady streams of targeted traffic over time. These strategies will persist to generate outcome for years to come.

These short-term marketing strategies include purchasing advertisements. Although there are many types of advertising that could be bought on the internet, the best are usually pay-per-click advertisements. The reason is that pay-per-click advertisements are usually targeted to audiences related to the products, and payment is made only when visitors reach the website through the advertisements. The most popular pay-per-click advertising programs are those offered by search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Another short-term strategy is through forums or discussion boards. Taking part in forums that are related to the products being sold is a great way for knowledge sharing and eventually make more sales. This way, signatures can be designed to promote the products, where the signature will appear in every post that is made. However, in most forums, deliberate advertising is forbidden. Hence the only way to promote products is through the signature.

The next short term strategy is to be listed on search engines. Listing the products’ sales page on top search engines would provide some traffic, but ranking on the top lists of the search engine is profoundly difficult. Nevertheless, paying for a higher rank on the search engine may be an option to consider. There are search engines that charge according to the number of visitors referred to the site through specific keywords. However, the prices are usually higher than the prices of the advertising program because the site would appear on the list of results rather than in the advertisements sections.

Moving on to the long-term marketing plan, as mentioned before, long-term marketing plans produce steady streams traffic over time. This plan is usually more focused on, as it is the main source in maintaining sales for a long period. Such plans would include publishing e-magazines, such as email magazines, internet publications, or newsletters through email or blog. The advantage of having a personal publication will help bring in a list of targeted potential customers.

Another effective way is to provide free trials of the products. Create trial versions of the product, distribute it freely, and allow others to distribute it freely as well. This will give potential customers some insights on the product and encourage them to buy the full version. Include teasers in the trial product and give potential customers reasons to buy the full version.

Article writing is another effective way to increase sales. The plan is to write articles that will target potential customers. Allow the articles to be published freely as well. This will also help create back-links to the site when others republish it on their site with a reference using a back-link. When more and more people republish the article, more back-links will be created. This will drive traffic from the other people’s sites back to the main site where the article is first published.

In conclusion, sales will increase considerably when a marketing strategy using short-term and long-term plans is developed and implemented. All the plans outlined are effective ways to drive targeted and steady flow of traffic to any site.